Location and Tips

Location and Tips

One of the smallest and oldest capitals in the Northeast, João Pessoa has tree-lined streets, preserved waterfront, hospitable people, beautiful beaches and a privileged location between two of the largest capitals in the Northeast. With a rich historical-architectural collection, João Pessoa keeps imposing Baroque buildings dating from the 16th century. Devotion, even today, is quite strong and represented by the spectacle of the Passion of Christ that attracts the faithful and tourists during Holy Week.

Cabo Branco Beach

It is the continuation of Praia do Tambaú, which is only 4 km from the center. Cabo Branco is very popular with locals and sportspeople: the bike path is always busy, as is the boardwalk. There are also several kiosks and tents for those who want to enjoy the beach.

Tambaú Beach

In addition to being one of the city's postcards, Tambaú is also the most tourist and popular beach in Paraíba. For this reason, the Tambaú neighborhood is always very busy, either during the day or at night. It is without a doubt the most agitated region of João Pessoa. Its waterfront offers restaurants and bars making the movement never stop. The beach has a pleasant view and its waters are calm. Ideal for children and the elderly.


A natural pool formed when the beach is at low tide contains the option of a ride worth R $ 50.00 for diving among fish and sea creatures. Remember that the tour only happens at low tide and contains the maximum number of visitors allowed at a time

Ponta dos Seixas

Seixas Beach has a good structure, with several kiosks and tents on the edge. It is on this beach that some natural pools are also formed that yield a delicious walk to the Ponta Seixas Natural Pools - and highly recommended! Access must be done by boat and, if you want to visit these pools, just look for a boatman over there and find out.

Jacaré Beach

The favorite spot for tourists and places to watch the sunset. At the end of the day, João Pessoa's sky attracts special attention to Jacaré beach, where a natural spectacle is displayed for those who are on that beach. The perfect program for couples, families and a group of friends.

Cabo Branco Lighthouse

Built in the military era, this triangular tower is considered an important tourist spot in the city because it is the place where the sun first rises on our continent. An exuberant view of the city is also offered from that point.

Benjamin Botanical Garden Maranhão

Also known as Mata do Buraquinho, this garden contains beauty and recreational and educational activities that are offered on site. The place also offers the possibility of trails that can be done in groups. For more information visit: http://sudema.pb.gov.br/servicos/servicos-ao-publico/jardim-botanico

Tambaú Fair

If you want to return with souvenirs or want to present someone with elements of our beloved city, the Tambaú fair is the ideal place for you. There are several shops with handicraft and cultural elements that strongly represent João Pessoa

Manaíra Beach

Praia de Manaíra is to the left of Praia de Tambaú, also being its continuation. Manaíra is a favorite of sunbathers looking for relaxing moments and sunbathing on the sand. The beach is also great for playing sports like volleyball, cycling and walking.

Barra do Gramame

This corner is even more enjoyable because of the river that passes through there, and which is separated from the ocean only by a strip of sand. In this way, the visitor has the hard task of choosing between the two options to bathe. The place has a few kiosks, with chairs and tables by the river.

Bela Beach

Praia Bela is another place where the river meets the sea. The result is the formation of some natural brackish water pools, which arise from this delicious encounter. When we went there the sea was very rough and our fun was to stay there, letting ourselves be carried by the current of the river and meeting the sea.

Amor Beach

Expect a very exotic beauty at Praia do Amor. The main feature here is its rock formation, which is right there on the sand. The ideal place to take amazing photos! Praia do Amor is very quiet, with little movement and little infrastructure, compared to the other beaches.


A beach that lives up to its name: Coqueirinho is full of coconut trees, too beautiful! What also does not go unnoticed are the beautiful canyons and the famous Mirador Dedo de Deus, accessible on a buggy trip. In Coqueirinho we saw cliffs, clear and calm waters, as well as white sand. And guess what: a river also passes through here, giving that special touch to the landscape.


Tambaba is divided into two parts, where nudity is not allowed in the first. In the second, it is mandatory to undress. Access to the nudist part of the beach is via a stairway that passes over rocks, which separates it from the first part. Upon arrival, the view is wonderful: full of hills, rocks, green waters, natural pools and corals.

Red Sand

Consider it an island: depending on the tide it may or may not exist. When the tide goes down, a portion of sand appears in the middle of the ocean, forming the beach, amid natural pools. A vision of paradise.

Tabatinga Beach

The Tabatinga beach in João Pessoa should not be confused with another coast of the same name, located in Natal. This beach is your perfect choice if what you want is guaranteed peace of mind. The visual in Tabatinga it is stunning: white and soft sand, green trees, a small river and colorful cliffs. The river giving that special touch, letting the bather choose where to take a dip.

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